Fortunate enough to be part of two cultures, his father Greek and his mother Filipino, founder Nick Stassinopoulos was born and raised in Greece. Due to his mother’s love for cooking, he experienced from an early age, traditional and unique dishes that originated from Greece, Middle East but mainly from the Philippines. From that point and on, a great journey started…

The Beginning

His traveling started at a very early age to visit his relatives in the Philippines. So once every year, he had the opportunity to learn more about the local delicacies and home made Filipino dishes.

At age nineteen, he visited Tokyo and was fascinated from the sushi but even more from the warm Japanese dishes and the culture behind it. Since then, he has visited also other Asian countries, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan in search for extra ordinary flavors.

The journeys and his love for Asian food, inspired him to create a tasty but health oriented food concept. His passion for the Asian cuisine, made him create strong friendships and ties till today, with distinguished chefs from the local and international gastronomic scene.

Athens, GR
The First Venture

The name “Boracay” is borrowed from the tropical Islands of the Philippines. So in May 2011, a dream became a reality! The first Philippine – Japanese restaurant in Greece was constructed in the heart of Voula – Athens, providing only takeaway and delivery services.

The menu was designed to offer authentic Philippine and Japanese dishes. After a year, the sushi menu was introduced. Gradually the food made some loyal customers and awareness of the high standards from preparation till delivery helped spread the word.

By January 2015, the dine in expansion was complete. A warm and advanced architectural boutique dine in area was designed, with tables made of granite, corian and elements of Asian teak wood, to cater even the most demanding customers.

A New Challenge

Despite the challenging years, apart from the main services of the restaurant, Diversified Catering was created to offer exclusive catering services for customers/companies that want a special menu, designed to meet all their needs in a personal or corporate event. The menu is fully customized and new services are constantly being introduced.

Some of the companies, institutions and organizations Boracay has catered and consulted for, are the following: Athens College, Adidas Greece, AsahiKASEI (global summit), TEDxAthens, Onassis Cultural Centre and the Onassis Foundation.